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Embracing Me

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Moment of Poetry

My eyes are like the windows to my soul and the door to my heart My body is the canvas of my spirit showing off Gods work of art My ears are the tunnel of my mind to make sure I’m getting properly feed My face gives me expressions to show that I don’t walk amongst the dead You think I’m talking about the natural but my mind thinks in the spirit This life I live is the air I breathe so if you don’t want to listen you don’t have to hear it You see my eyes give me the ability to have feeling because I see what’s around me My ears determines my emotions because it brings harvest to my seed My body gives my spirit the ability to show off its unique character My face is the link to God’s grace to show the devil that those hits really didn’t matter For those who are listening this natural world is not our home Were just spirits who are renters waiting for our realtor to give us an open house of where we belong

My eyes see your miracles, your grace and mercy upon your renters My body gives you worship to show you that your spirit is welcome to enter My ears listen to your word to show myself approved My face releases the fruits of the spirit to show the blind that you’re not cruel To those who are running the race to have eternal life in heaven I pray you finish this race with the spiritual number of seven. To my realtor, my artist, my thought processer, my sculptor you deserve all my praise and I will forever bless your Holy name!

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