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What is Coaching? 

Coaching is short-term formal and structured atmosphere that is specific, measurable and performance-driven. Rather than giving advice, coaches gather information in the co-created process of change. They are trained to ask the right questions to provoke thought in their clients to produce a growth-oriented direction. 

The Journey of Seven* (Discovering Your Purpose)

Module One: Intro/From Nothing to Something (Orphan to Sonship)

Module Two: Overcoming Mother and Father Wounds

Module Three: Who Am I?

Module Four: What is Purpose? What is Your Spiritual Gift?

Module Five: Purpose-driven Life: Defining your Purpose & Vision

Module Six: Connecting with Others

Module Seven: Embracing Your Purpose

The Journey of Seven* (Healing Your Wounds)

Module One: Intro/From Nothing to Something (Orphan to Sonship)

Module Two: Dangers of a Wounded Soul

Module Three: Overcoming Mother and Father Wounds

Module Four: Overcoming Rejection and Emotional Wounds

Module Five: Living with Anxiety? Ways to Overcome

Module Six: Embracing Your Purpose

Module Seven: Walk in Your Restoration

What is Mentoring? 

Mentoring is long-term, informal, development-driven and contains a looser atmosphere in the parameters of growth for the client. Mentors give advice based on their personal and professional expertise to manifest empowerment, support and provide feedback, increase self-regulation and encourage opportunities for insight within their clients. 

Mentoring Topics:

Understanding Healing and Deliverance
Overcoming Rejection
Strengthening Your Relationship with God
Dance and Mime (adult and youth)
Effective Communication Skills
Career Specialist

...But I struggle with Anxiety... what does Identity have to do with it?

According to a Medical LCSW self-esteem that is birthed out of Identity is known to play a role in social anxiety disorder (SAD) and general anxiety. While lowered self-esteem may put you at risk of later social anxiety, having an anxiety disorder can also make you feel worse about yourself. In this way, these two afflictions interact to continue a negative cycle rooted in the lack of knowing and embracing your Identity.

If you wish to overcome your social anxiety, start by taking a good hard look at how you view yourself, how you present yourself to others and what you speak to yourself. Low self-esteem can create anxiety and loneliness, which only reinforces your negative self-image, which is ultimately your Identity.

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