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What People are Saying....


Dashona Smith, Rising Gospel Artist

What can I say! This beautiful young woman of wisdom, has helped me far beyond what words has the capability to produce. I can't tell you how much her mentorship has changed the way I looked at God and my relationship with Him. Under her mentorship I gained the knowledge I needed to spread my wings; fly and sore as an eagle. She has taught me that CONSISTENCY is the key to success; she taught me that abstinence is nothing to be ashamed of; she taught me that a fall doesn't mean that I'm a failure, but it simply means that I have the opportunity to get back up and to keep going! I love her dearly and I believe that whoever is under her wing, just like I have, will flourish into an eagle that knows how to soar!

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Jennifer McIntyre, Former Co-Worker

I met Candice Lennon about four years ago when we worked together at Triad Health Center. While I assisted welcoming her to the office team, she was the one who was immediately outgoing and engaging. It wasn't long before we became friends. Candice is easy to confide in. When I was going through some difficulties in my personal life, she was there for me. In fact, it was her wizened perspective and helpful insight that helped me make a big decision that has truly changed my life for the better. I haven't looked back since. Candice is wise beyond her years. She listens without judgement but is still truthful, honest, and kind. Anyone who goes to Candice will find a real friend with a heart of gold and words of gracious truth. 


Shakirah Green, Author

Candice has always been a motivation to me. From the day I had the opportunity to meet her, she's been a beacon of life and light. Despite the obstacles and negativity that she faced, she purposed in her mind that she will continue to push no matter what. Because of her determination and the TRUTH behind her press, she encouraged me to push forward through some of my darkest moments in life.

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Elizabeth Dills, Former Co-Worker

Knowing Candice over the past 4 years has been a heaven-sent gift. Candice is a truly dynamic person who spreads joy and life everywhere she goes. If I could sum her up in one word, it would be “cheerleader.” She has always believed in me, empathized with my pain, and offered encouragement that has kept me afloat in difficult times. All I know is that the world needs more of this woman’s energy!


Tionna Brice, License Therapist

Candice, one of the most pure forms of inspiration! She has put such genuine effort into the woman I have grown to be. She introduced me to the meaning of “extending kindness even when it’s not being reciprocated”. That's just who she is! I now worry-less about what others do or don’t do and more about who I am and how I’m leaving my mark. This world is full of judgmental people and during a hard time in my life, she embraced me instead of adding persecution. Whenever my days got really dark, she shed some light. Whenever I needed a break from my everyday life, she provided an escape. She did all of these things without being asked and with no intent for a return. You cannot put a price on this impact, but it is worth millionssss!! Forever grateful.

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