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Meet Candice

Trust God, believe in His Word then encourage yourself. 

Candice Lennon

Entrepreneur, Ordained Minister, Life Coach, Singer, Dancer and Motivational Speaker

Let me first start off by saying I adore inspiring others (particularly women) to achieve and to do good for themselves as well as for the people that surround their everyday lives. Having a love for people and wanting them to reach their highest potential that God anointed for their life; shapes me into who I am today and is the reason why I do what I do.

I was born and raised in Greensboro, NC growing up in a two-parent household; I was encouraged to stick to my passions no matter what others say or feel about it. Yes, I was a bit on the rough side when it came to being a girl because I enjoyed climbing trees instead of playing with dolls; however, I wanted to show people to not be afraid of being themselves and to embrace their God-given identity no matter what it looks like.

As the years passed and I grew into my own identity through many test-and-trials, heartbreak, and overcoming self-inflicting pain and turmoil I found a sense of wanting others to love themselves wholeheartedly because that is where the true treasure lies. Like you, I am still on the quest of becoming my ultimate self and maximizing the gifts that were rendered to me. While on that journey I developed pride and joy in guiding others to work to improve themselves and their community through finding their purpose.

Developing people, if you ask me, has become natural and easy to communicate with others; especially in person; and to reach every mind, be it through facts and logic or raw emotion. I easily see people’s motivations and can bring those ideas together and communicate them as a common goal with clarity that is nothing short of mesmerizing. I have worked with religious organizations, non-profits as well as individuals to help birth purpose and passion to aid their growth. I have worked in many different positions such as Daycare Teacher, Summer Camp Counselor, Career Development Specialist, Executive Assistant, and Medical Assistant. By obtaining my Bachelor’s in Communications from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro I was able to learn and understand the many facets of communication and how to effectively use those skills to efficiently communicate and actively listen to people and their needs.

I have had the opportunity to minister at many churches delivering the Word of God; as well as speaking at different seminars and workshops concerning a range of topics. When I am not speaking I am singing on Praise and Worship, dancing (liturgical and Mime), and enjoying my life in God with family and friends.

So, when someone asks, “Who is Candice?” I can simply say I am a pure genuine, caring person who talks the talk and walk the walk. Nothing makes me happier than leading the charge of uniting and motivating others with irresistible zeal. I admit I do not have all the answers, and am often receptive to opposition, so long as it remains constructive; however, I enjoy speaking, coaching, teaching, and consulting as a spiritual advisor. I unconsciously know how to capture an audience, and pick up on moods and motivation in ways that allow others to communicate with reason, emotion, passion, restraint or whatever the situation calls for.

Ready to embrace who YOU are?

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