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Coach Candice

The Healing Coach

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Are you a woman believer in Christ searching for something that goes beyond just fulfilling a day-to-day routine? Are you looking to find a deeper meaning in 
your life and to make an impact? 

See what program is right for you:

Discovering your Purpose

Healing in Freedom

Coaching Informative Packet

Not sure if you want to start? Need a little more information before diving in? Then download my FREE Coaching packet. 

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Want to know what sets me apart from the crowd? Then take a peek. Here, you’ll find out exactly how I’m helping people like you reach their goals. From my services and specialties, to free resources on self-improvement and success – it’s all here! Explore my website today, and join me on this journey towards personal transformation. 

Freebie: eBook

If you don't know what your purpose is then everything else is meaningless. Grab your FREE copy of "Three Steps to Discovering your Life Purpose"

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Candice is a wonderful coach! She really helps you dig deep, excavate your dreams and build a roadmap to guide you to your desired destination. A joy to work with!

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